Awaken To Your Unique Self!!

Unique Energy is about…..transformation!

Imagine shifting your perception where you start to see the challenging people, things and situations in an empowering way!  It is 100% possible for you!

Experience what it actually feels like to be at peace with whatever is going on around you! 

As a Relationship Coach, I work with feelings and reactions!  My Unique approach working with people is to guide them to a place where they find resolution, experience the effects of the wonderful changes around them and feel at peace within themselves.
Relationships are not only about people relating to people!  Relationships also have to do with how people relate to the things and situations in everyday life…affecting every aspect of their life!

People may feel their problems are ‘because’ of people, things or situations in their life…but those people, things or situations may not ‘be’ the ‘cause’ of their problems.  Gain a new perspective and turn challenges into celebrations!

After doing this for over 10 years…I have found my PASSION in Coaching!
Coaching in a way that facilitates transformation around the relationships people are experiencing in their day to day lives.  Coaching that really offers an ‘experience’ unique to every individual with the results impacting every area of their life.  Coaching can be done in person or over the telephone…both equally effective.

I would love for people to know they can move through their challenges without having to share story after story, without drama and chaos, without the fight…RESULTING in finding PEACE WITHIN themselves.  People can resolve conflict and feel empowered; people can have the ‘controls’ and feel good about where they are in life!  People can ‘shift’ their perception and be at peace.  I invite you to consider what that may be for you!

Booking private coaching sessions can be done in person, over the phone or by email.

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“Through educating and shifting we share in the healing process experiencing transformation and finding our gifts within.”   Mission Statement

Recently through an amazing Leadership Course, Better Leader, Richer Life….I shared my vision and how I see the world in the years to come.  You are invited to be part of the ‘change.’