Your BODY – Whole and in Parts!


ONE OF A KIND…UNIQUE as only The Twins, Sharon and Sheila can do!


As the title says…whole and in parts…this energy clearing telecall can be enjoyed as a whole series or in parts!!!

…and in parts!

 Wouldn’t it be perfect going about your day knowing the blocks in your energy are being cleared…allowing your body to ‘right’ itself and healing takes place?

Experience what it feels like to move through pain…to have less and less issues…to have moments of inner peace!  

Experience transformation within 2 months!!! It is 100% possible for you!  


  • What causes your body to do what it’s doing or not doing? 
  • How does your body get your attention?
  • What is your body trying to tell/show you?

If you are not hearing the messages around you, the Universe will get your attention in ways that may not feel so great…one way is through pain in the body.  What are you not hearing?  What messages do you have LOCKED or HIDING in those body parts?

Your body is NOT failing you!  You are NOT stuck with anything you are feeling!  If you have been told the doctors can’t do anything for you, they are right because what you are feeling is NON-PHYSICAL!  What you are feeling is in your ENERGY and that is where you will clear your pain from!  We offer you a powerful alternative! 

When you are bothered in any way…you will react.  Reactions show up in your body mind and spirit.  What is causing you to react?

If you have pain or illnesses of any kind…and they are not clearing up…what will they manifest into next?  If your body has pain, illness or disease…your body is trying to communicate something to you.  What is it saying?

Your Body Telecall Series is focused on clearing the blocks in your energy along with sharing the messages your body has for you! Once you hear those messages…your body and it’s parts can let go of the pain and right itself! Healing takes place opening the door to inner peace. 

 Both Master Energetic Intuitives will communicate and clear the messages your body has for you.  Not only will you hear the words, you will feel the difference.

  • Do you have parts of your body that hurt or ache? 
  • Parts of your body that you are considering removing through surgery?
  • Any part of your body that you hate or can’t stand? 
  • Parts of your body that want attention?
  • Does your body feel like it’s falling apart?
  • Any part of your body screaming out in pain?

We will be starting from the bottom up!  We will be clearing and building a strong foundation from the bottom up covering every part of your physical body! 

Your Body Telecall Series will take you on a journey through the parts of your body where you can hear and listen to what it has to tell you…at the same time clear any blocks that are causing it to do what it’s doing.  It wants your attention and now is the time to listen before it gets any worse or any louder.   As you hear and clear through the messages your body has for you…the body can ‘right’ itself.

If you have any kind of issues in any part of your physical body whether it is in pain or just no energy, this telecall series is for you!

We will show you how the blocks in your energy create the pain you may be feeling in your physical body.  Your physical body and your non-physical energy work so perfectly for you as messengers giving you the ‘messages’ your Divine is trying to give you. 

Bring those PARTS of your physical body back into being WHOLE again where you and your body can function as ONE. 


Here’s what people are saying….

“Last night’s session was really good.  I never thought of putting “belly fat” as a concern in that area, but I’m so thankful that someone else did.  I love the fact that even if I forget to bring something to the session, it seems that someone else does. Thanks”  D.K. June 2012

Attend the whole series and save over $100….it is not a requirement that you attend the whole series…you are welcome to pick and choose which telecalls you would like to participate in….to register for the parts, see below!

For ONE HOUR each week we will be working on one part of your physical body finding the messages and clearing the sensations hiding or locked in those parts.  You will be asked to submit three issues to work through for each week.  Magically you will experience how your WHOLE body will become one communication channel giving you one of the greatest gifts possible. Your body is a miracle Machine.  Bring the Support back into every area of your being.  BRING IT ALL BACK TOGETHER … to operate as one. 

Every telecall in the series we will be working on the parts of your body and how those parts fit into the whole.  We express how any issues with those parts reflect messages that will help you to see how your everyday life can influence your body and it’s parts.


We have scheduled the series to be weekly for the whole series! If you can’t make the calls…we will show you how we can still work with you…it’s that empowering!  

Week 1 – Feet and Legs (your foundation)

Week 2 – Hips and Reproductive Parts-men and women (your creativity/creation)

Week 3 – Colon and Intestines (eliminating the clutter and junk)

Week 4 – Upper Torso Shoulders and Arms (your house / your home)

Week 5 – Organs and Glands including skin (operating at top speed)

Week 6 – Systems Meridians and Chakras (your core)

Week 7 – Your Senses (getting your messages in every way possible)

Week 8 – Head and Neck (who is really in charge…is it all in your head?)

Register for the whole series or in parts!

You not only will experience immeasurable inner healing along with your physical body healing…you will experience TRANSFORMATION with every relationship in your life including your Self.

Please know you do not have to be present on the calls to benefit from the clearing that will take place. When you register and put forward your one issue….your non-physical part of you receives the corrections.  Your ENERGY knows! Attending or Not!


Each Telecall in the series will be recorded and available for those who choose to listen to the recording again.  If for some reason the recording doesn’t record due to a technical issue, the recording won’t be available.  You still receive the clearing in your energy.


The Twins, Sharon Thom and Sheila Unique are two of the country’s foremost and recognized Relationship Experts, Speakers, Facilitators, Writers.  They have transformed thousands of lives with their unique gifts.  You not only will hear the words, you will feel the difference in your body and your energy…guaranteed!

Your Body Telecall Series

Next one to be announced soon!

7:00pm mst (6pm pst 8pm cst 9pm est)

Special price of $297

If you are REPEATING the series…we welcome you back with a special repeating price $247


You will receive the confirmation email and the call in details once you have registered.  You will be invited to provide THREE ISSUES for every week of the series.  If you have any questions, you are welcome to fill in the form below.  

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For more information, contact:

Sheila Unique – 306-543-4804 or 306-541-7275 Email:

Sharon Thom – 306-775-0274 or 306-539-1651 Email:

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